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The Barn is Cedars exclusive area for dance parties, karaoke, and many other fun events!

The Barn is a multi-floor, licensed nightclub for those 19+ years of age, where the harness-wearing, karaoke singing, club dancing people are always to be found -  keeping music alive and making its existence even more subversive. 

The Barn is more friendly and inclusive than you might think. Nights include karaoke, resident DJ Jeff Bone on most weekends, and special events.


No Frills Love - Jeff Bone Remix
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"For me, it's all about mood and an uplifting, infectious groove... playing those tracks to get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without you realizing it, regardless of style, genre, tempo, or release date.” As the world emerges from the dawn of a new age of dance floor experiences, Jeff Bone’s star is set to shine, making music that will reach an ever-expanding legion of House Music fans.

Canada has long been a hot bed of Electronic Dance Music, showcasing producers in all their glory from every corner of the land. Jeff Bone is one of those DJ/Producers that continues to add to the rich vibrancy of Canadian dance floor culture. He is celebrated as an artist that understands the foundation blocks required to take people on a musical journey.


He crafts delicious soundscapes of extraordinary music designed to entice and inspire listeners to get down and dance in the moment. Jeff Bone’s music has been heard by millions across the airwaves as his tracks have been featured on high rotation around the globe, and his DJ skills have been witnessed as far afield as Mexico and the USA.


Hailing from Toronto and overseeing the outstanding recording facility, JL Recording Studios, Jeff understands the sonic nuances required to take music to the next level. Like many that really start to make a mark as a producer, he has plied his trade for over three decades, and since 2017 has really hit a purple patch with his production releases.           ...continued...