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Cedars has a lot of facilities available to make your stay much more comfortable.

There is a heated pool with lounge chairs available to help complete your relaxing vacation.

The Clubhouse lower level houses a small library containing books and board games. It’s always open for use, providing a cool retreat even on the warmest days as well as entertaining shelter during bad weather.

For your convenience, we are also equipped with newly expanded & remodelled washroom facilities and coin-operated showers, as well as a laundry room.


The Barn is Cedars exclusive area for dance parties, karaoke, and many other fun events!

The Barn is a licensed nightclub.

Join us Saturday nights with our talented DJ’s spinning the latest hits. Or enjoy a game of pool if dancing isn’t your thing.

On long weekends, The Barn is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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For those who’d prefer to be naked without the blushes and the beer, Cedars offers a clothing-optional area of the campground where you can enjoy the feeling of being at one with nature with no clothes in the way.

If you’re interested in going to a clothing-optional area, but aren’t sure of the etiquette, relax—use good manners (it’s never OK to stare, right?) and rest assured that everyone’s too busy enjoying themselves to take notice of you. Enjoy the sunshine—but don’t forget the sunscreen!


Who doesn't like to get their drink on while taking a dip? It's both the ultimate cool down and  possibly the best way to spice up a relaxing vacation.

Splash is our fully licensed pool bar overlooking our heated pool.

Check out the menu and our hours.


You'll be thirsting for a fruity cocktail after browsing these awesome menu items!